Where to Buy Bimini Tops for Pontoon Boats

Where to Buy Bimini Tops for Pontoon Boats
The best place to buy your Bimini top for your pontoon boat is from the same manufacturer where you purchased your boat. With so many ranges of Bimini tops available in the marketplace, it is very important that you purchase a good quality one.

There are many types of aluminum frames available but they are not all intended to survive in the nautical environment. The frame for your Bimini top should be finished using anodized alumina and not finished in a mill or polished tubes. The anodized cover protects your frame from the effects of salt spray or water which can cause corrosion.
Where to Buy Bimini Tops for Pontoon Boats
Where to Buy Bimini Tops for Pontoon Boats

Each bow should be manufactured from a single length of tube which is not joined because joins in the bows will weaken points which could come apart when you’re traveling on the water. Having one single piece bow will make it harder to transport home because your package will be a whole lot bigger, but it will last a lot longer than a top that comes in a nice neatly packaged box.

The frame of a Bimini top is the biggest feature in working out what speed you will get from your pontoon boat once it is erected. All tops are built to withstand being out on the water, however if your boat is being towed it is recommended that you collapse the top and tie it firmly to the boat.

Choosing the right cover material on your boat is very important and one will most likely do better than the other. Acrylic canvas looks like typical cotton canvas but has the inclusion of synthetic fibers to strengthen the fabric. The other kind of material used is vinyls, which will stand up to a marine environment and which have two markedly different sides, with the outside being covered with a material like plastic while the inside is more of a woven cotton material. The covers used on boat canopies have been designed especially for use on the water and they have been treated to stop fading and rotting away from too much UV exposure. 

Most of the acrylic canvasses have been treated much the same as they were originally designed for use as awnings on houses and many other similar applications. You will find that acrylic canvasses will wear out much quicker than vinyls when subject to constant friction and if a hole is made in canvas, it will keep on continuing to fray increasing the size of the hole. Vinyl however, has been manufactured to not rip once a hole has formed or has been cut. Because of this any boat used for fishing should have a top made from marine and water resistant grade boat hooding. Any cut, whether it’s accidental or not could potentially ruin your canvas top.


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