Selecting The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer

Selecting The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer
Pontoon boats comprise a flat bottom that supports a raft. This superstructure is fixed on the cylindrical pipes or barrels of appropriate length and diameter, closed or welded at both ends to keep out water. It is important that the pontoon boat owner safely transports the small boat to the pond or the lake using a new or used pontoon boat trailer and launch the boat on the water surface. It’s equally important to ensure that the motor vehicle that is towing the boat and trailer be rated to handle the load. Pontoon boat trailers play a very important role. Pontoon boats must be transported to and from the river or lake.

Selecting The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer
Selecting The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer
Most owners cannot dock their boat at the lake and go back home without the boat. This benefit is only for those fortunate enough to live just by the lake or the river and who can keep a constant watch on their boat. However, for those who live a distance from the water, there is no option but to carry the boat along with you every time you go sailing or fishing.

It is important that the owner of the pontoon boat ensure that all the parts related to the pontoon boat trailer are of high quality. Many people fail to understand the importance of using the right type of parts and products. By using the high quality pontoon boat trailers and parts you can ensure that the performance of your pontoon boat is enhanced and you are more comfortable when it comes to managing your boat. You need to make sure that the pontoon boat trailer that you use is sturdy and strong and has the ability and the capacity to manage the weight of your boat. The following is some general information on two trailer classes; one for smaller pontoon boats and one for larger ones.

Basic trailer types
The trailers used for transporting the pontoon boats consist of a small ladder welded to the center portion of the metal body. A slip resistant material is fitted on each step to avoid slipping. The ladder has a hand rail fixed on its left side which gives support to anyone climbing up to the pontoon boat. The ladder has a huge padded bow stop which provides cushioning effect. The bow stop can adjusted to match and fit the length of the pontoon boat perfectly. The ladder is attached with a high capacity gear reduction winch that comes with a winch strap. The trailer of the pontoon boat has a folding jack for lifting and placing the boat into the water after unhooking it from the vehicle.

Selecting The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer
Selecting The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer
 It is very important that you buy only a trailer that is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. An exquisite model of used pontoon boat trailer, called light duty pontoon trailer, is used for carrying pontoon boats weighing less than 1,800 pounds and measuring sixteen to twenty feet in length. This trailer runs on a single axle and is powered by smaller engines. The three-inch steel frame is powder coated to resist rusting and is supported on powder-coated steel rims fitted with A 12-inch diameter range tire. The bunks of the trailer are adjustable to support a pontoon boat of any weight. The winch stand, provided with A 20-foot strap easily loads the boat. The capacity of the swing away tongue jack of the trailer is 1000 pounds.

The sturdier version of used pontoon boat trailer has a forty-horsepower drive for carrying pontoon boats weighing up to 2,700 pounds. This trailer has shining galvanized rims fitted with 13-inch diameter tires. The steel frame is four inches wide and is powder coated to be free from rust. The adjustable bunks and winch stand for easy loading of boats with a swing away tongue jack similar to one on the lighter trailer mentioned above. These trailers feature bow stops with ladder and hand rail for easy loading of the boat.
Finding the right trailer

The heavy duty type of pontoon boat trailer is used in transporting pontoon boat that weighs up to 2700 pounds. This trailer runs on an axle which measures 16 to 20 feet in length. The features of this trailer are similar to the above light type except the diameter of the tire which is thirteen inches. The rim of the wheels is galvanized and appears shiny for cool running. This trailer is equipped with a thousand pound swing away tongue. Another typical listing was for the fascinating model of the Tandem Axle pontoon boat trailer used for transporting pontoon boats measuring 20 feet in length, weighing 5000 pounds and powered by larger engines. The trailer runs on four tires with each measuring 13 inch diameter. It has a bow stop featuring a ladder along with hand rails which helps the pontoon boat builder to board the boat onto the trailer with less effort. This trailer approximately weighs 800 pounds and measures 24 feet in length. It has 1500 pounds heavy duty tongue jack with dual wheels.

An exquisite model of pontoon boat trailer for sale is the Pontoon Trailer Tandem Axle equipped with brakes. This trailer is made of reinforced metal both in front and rear and is used for transporting pontoon boats of length 25 feet, weighing 5000 pounds. The trailer is 30 feet long and weighs 1060 pounds. This model also has 1500 pounds heavy duty dual wheel tongue jack standard similar to the above models.

When to buy a used pontoon boat trailer
While buying a used pontoon boat trailer, the pontoon boat owner should check for the quality of welding, and the quality of each part used in making the trailer. Priority should be given to the nuts and bolts used in joining the parts. The pontoon boat trailers are normally finished with powder coating and are galvanized to prevent rusting.

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